My name is Joel Kendall and I am President/Founder of 45Press. I started Song Dynasty to be an exploration of where music, data, technology and the magically passion music fans have that cannot be described.

I grew up in the music industry at the tail end of CDs and the start of Napster. I experienced a first-hand account of that transition at one of the greatest label groups in the world, Sony Music. Some feel that while music is more accessible than ever it has lost that passionate obsession that it had before streaming and social media. Where the only access you had to your favorite group was the album artwork, liner notes and seeing them in concert. Nowadays you know what they’re eating, smoking or at this very moment in the world. Maybe social media destroys the mystique and larger than life stars have or maybe it’s just the next chapter in the book of Music and Time.

Either way, Song Dynasty is going to our ciceroni as we start this voyage in the year 2020.